Monday, November 23, 2009

The Schindler Family Consortium is a family of musicians and artists living and working here in Michigan. They have been performing together for many years and are an entertaining and inspiring family committed to the pursuit of artistic dreams.
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Sneaky Peat's Performance Schedule

June, 2011;
17, Concert in Gaylord, downtown

18, The Ugly, Vanderbilt

24, 25, The Redwood Steak House, Lewiston

2, Collin's Party

4, Boyne City Fire Works Party

9, Lewiston Beach Concert

10, The Ugly Open, Vanderbilt

15, 16, Redwood Steak House

22, Houghton Lake Eagles

23, The Ugly, Vanderbilt

29, Wolverine Senior's Picnic, Wolverine Park

5, 6, Redwood Steak House, Lewiston

13, The River Fest, Alanson

16 - 20, The Ogemaw County Fair

26, Houghton Lake Eagles

2, 3, Redwood Steak House, Lewiston

16, 17, Lenny Miller's, Dryden

Friday, November 20, 2009

All Around My Cabin Door

Is a song cycle that includes six compositions sharing the common value of a simple life style with a real and personal connection to the life and land on which you live. Written and arranged by Peter David Schindler, this presentation includes the use of lyrics and instrumentals in a Folk genre with full orchestral arrangements that also include solo sections of improvisation.
The performance took place on Saturday Oct. 24 in the Reynolds Recital Hall on the campus of Northern Michigan University. The concert featured the NMU Symphony Orchestra in concert with the Schindler Family Consortium, a five member family of Michigan musicians and artists that have been performing together for the past twenty years.
This consort is entertaining and inspiring in its vision of the “Good Life” expressing a deep and lasting commitment to the pursuit of artistic dreams.